St. Paul Catholic Church

Through the extraordinary support of our St. Paul’s endowment fund we have been able to improve our historic campus in such a measurable and noticeable way. Our humble parish income, although it has been growing, made it very challenging to make the improvements without this blessing.

Over the last several years the endowment fund, along with fundraising, has made it possible to build a new handicap ramp for our auditorium. The area around it, along with the ramp, looked dilapidated and very much unsafe. This ramp was very much needed for our campus.

Also along with some fundraising, the endowment fund has enabled us to help tear down and rebuild a brand new kitchen in the auditorium to enrich the environment and make it much more appealing for rental in the event of weddings and other functions being held here at St. Paul’s.

The support of the endowment fund, along with insurance funds, has allowed us to repair leaks and completely repaint the interior of our church.

Besides the physical improvements, the endowment funds have helped us with the spiritual mission of our parish. It has enabled us to offer and fund 2 CRHP retreats per year for men and women and start a new nurses ministry to help our community.

We are so blessed and grateful for all the support the St. Paul’s endowment funds have afforded us for the last several years. All these enhancements have been possible because of our parishioners who have generously committed their blessings to invest in their beloved St. Paul’s.

Father George Vaniyapurackal, Pastor
2609 Park Street