Mary Monfort Memorial Gift Plan

“I am so happy to have this set up and know my wishes will be followed and make the impact Victor would have wanted.”

Mary Monfort did not expect to make a gift plan for her church without her late husband. “This is not the situation I ever anticipated when thinking of a faith legacy – making these decisions on my own without Victor’s help.” But after much prayer and discernment, Mary has made a gift plan which she knows would have made Victor “very happy.” 

As a young boy in 1962, Victor and his family fled Cuba, leaving everything behind. Mary said, “he knew what it was to work hard, and God has blessed us accordingly.” Victor and Mary always tried to be good stewards of their blessings, so Mary is particularly pleased to know her legacy gift will increase over time, giving even greater support to her church.

“It’s just so nice to be able to do something for our Church.” Mary chose to make her gifts through the Catholic Foundation because they would be made in perpetuity, supporting various areas of the church. “Both my parish and parish school are dear to my heart, and they will get a portion of my estate.” Victor and Mary’s five children were raised in this parish and attended the parish school. Mary’s legacy gifts will also benefit the Vocations Office and the Catholic Foundation’s grants program. 

“Giving through the Catholic Foundation, I was able to choose those endowed funds that had the most meaning for me and would have enduring value and impact. I know Victor would want this too and I am so happy I can make this plan in his memory. It’s really like planning this together and that means a lot to me.”